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You can find here key information about RuuviTracker, what it contains and what you can do with it. You can add and modify this list when needed.


What is this all about?

RuuviTracker is fully open GPS-tracking solution, which consist of tracking device and terminal software for the device.

Where can I get it and how much it will cost?

Software for RuuviTracker will be totally free and because this is 100% Open Source project, all source codes will be available for everyone. Unfortunately physical tracking device cannot be free, so you have to buy it.

At the moment our idea is to sell RuuviTracker kit (includes PCB, antennas, battery and mechanics). Future demand for the device will show us what other options to buy there will be. In any case specifications of RuuviTracker's physical design, circuit board Gerber files and information about needed components will be available for everyone, so it's possible to build your own replica of RuuviTracker if you want.

When ready to market, RuuviTracker's HW will be affordable. For a comparison, commercial tracking systems i.e. for hunting purposes costs typically about 500-1000 euros (about $600-$1200).

For what purpose can I use the device?

Open and affordable GPS-tracking system will have lots of applications. At the beginning the most important use for RuuviTracker will probably be hound-tracking when hunters want to locate and keep track where hounds are moving. In May 2012 National Land Survey Of Finland (Maanmittauslaitos) released some terrain maps of Finland that can be downloaded for free for private and commercial use. It opened a possibility to develop free map software compareable with commercial offerings. It is also possible to use other maps (like Google Maps tai OpenStreetMap)

Some examples where RuuviTracker can be used:

  • Hunting (hound collar)
  • Pet cat tracking
  • Reindeer herding
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Boating use
  • Airsoft-games and orienteering competitions (player/competitor location tracking)
  • Children location tracking (security application)
  • Geogaching (friend location tracking)
  • GPS-logger applications (recording the travelled path)
  • Logging skydiving jumps (electronic logbook like this)
  • Alarm systems (i.e triggered from motorcycle acceleration sensor)
  • Vehicle heater remote control (Webasto, Eberspacher)
  • Wireless weather station with location (broadcasting sensor information)
  • Home automation (remote controlled relays etc.)
  • Locating crashed model aircrafts or weather balloons (location can be sent after set time period, crash can be detect with accelerometer)
  • DIY mobile phone (keyboard and display using additional PCB shield)
  • Something else, what?

Who is developing RuuviTracker?

Even you can, just join and contribute! Most of the RuuviTracker team's members are volunteers.

How can I be part of developing team?

More information how to sign up here.

Commercial trackers

...other examples?

Other open source trackers


What other people around the world talk about RuuviTracker?

News around the world is listed here.

Project sponsors

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